Mike Dialect is on Twitch

Mike Dialect Stream Schedule
-Wednesday (GMT+9) 9PM-12AM – Random Cuts
50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s… rock, hip hop, dub, soul, classics, psychedelic, disco, alt.. etc…. A free form mix of a collection of tracks. Running from 9PM (GMT+9) until the wee hours. These have typically gone for 3-5 hours

– Friday 1-4PM (GMT+9) Sansu Sessions
House… Techno… All Jams

TFA Label Night 8-17-19

TFA Label Night
Autokinetic – Live
Modwell – Live
Matt Paffel – Live
Midnight Music Club – DJ set
ACG- DJ set
Dodger B2B Dialect – DJ set

It’s a TFA night so it’s bound to be a goofy with lots of whiskey. We’ll bring a bunch of deco like the old days and have a raver rager.
Spring Street MPLS, 8PM-2AM

Cheers to Overland Recordings Dave for helping secure the night.